The Emerald Club


It was a little over 50 years ago when a small group of people, all thankful for their birthplace and the early nurturing of warm spiritually minded homes, and all sharing a manifest touch of Irish heritage, formed The Emerald Club of Worcester County.

This founding was different from many other Irish American organizations in that its single purpose has been to support the exceptional children and young adults of Mercy Centre.  In 2013 The Emerald Club decided to extend its giving to other organizations in support of mental health and education.  Notwithstanding this decision, The Mercy Centre will always remain a focus and key part of the mission.  

The Board of The Emerald Club is made up of caring individuals, drawn from a variety of professional and civic backgrounds and their sole mission, through a variety of fund raising activities, is to provide monies to organizations like the Mercy Centre in order to make a difference in our community.